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Health is priority number one. Health is more than wealth. A sound mind in a sound body. These sayings have become people’s one and a very popular. You know that everybody once felt the condition being ill that you do not want to enjoy oneself About the Project “Health is the.” Health is priority number one. Health is more than and have a good time till morning, way of life a new sofa does not give you any comfort, you will not jump up showing enjoyment due to increase of monthly salary because of the absence of strength. Now recollect the feeling when you are full with strength. Your business is going on well, all the people around you are wonderful, you are able to move mountains—and this is only the first step in plans for today. Health is the main thing in our life. To be in a good health means to be happy, wealthy and successful… We can prolong this list more and more as good health is the pledge of success. Not everybody falls to thinking about it but, you see, good health is the main meaning of our life. It is very important to understand that behind all routine affairs is hidden the most important—our life. Everybody out of all of us is hard working to create for a family a sound financial foundation. We are buying flats, houses, cars, new equipments and other items which, from our point of view, are necessary. To define it in one word only—we live! But not everybody out of all of us falls to thinking that life is given to us for happiness and enjoyment. It is impossible to enjoy life without health irrespective of the availability of money.

“HEALTH IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE” is to become the main credo for everybody. Is it not the main foundation of our life? Only being healthy we shall be wealthy as psychologically as well as physically.

The Project “HEALTH IS THE WAY OF LIFE” has been specially created to make you healthy and prosperous. It has been created to make each of your cells and each part of your body be healthy. It is very important to keep track of your health beginning from food and your visits to a medical institution. You will find a huge amount of useful information for you and you will discover, most probably, something new and interesting.

We shall teach you how to correctly listen to your body and how to help it in its hard work. The team “DoctorOK” has specially created this project for a full-fledged control of your health. We have constructed the whole structure to make you healthy. Our club “DoctorOK” has signed contracts of cooperation with the best clinics of UKRAINE and Europe. The doctors of the club, in case of necessity, may accompany and consult you on any problems related to your health. We have the best team of experts and we are ready to help you. We have chosen the best quality medicines which are available in the drug stores of DoctorOK. The supply from our partners in EU is possible in case of necessity. The doctors of different specialization have accumulated enough information for you in the chapter “Healthy way of life”. Healthy food and correct nourishment are very important. We are what we eat. Let’s together construct your ideally healthy day. Let’s wake up together with the Project “HEALTH IS THE WAY OF LIFE”.

The system of consultancy of our project is accessible and understandable for everybody. We are always ready to help you in any problems related to your health. Do begin just now to be healthy and we shall support you in this.

The team DoctorOK is ready to be on guard of your health. Health is the way of life of each and everybody.

“Water was given a magic power to become a juice of life on Earth”

Leonardo da Vinci

It is precisely water that gives life to billions. That is why we can talk and talk about water. And we cannot not to mention this topic. A human being consists of 80 % out of water. More information about water you will find in…


Mission of the Project

Improving the quality of human life is a responsible attitude to one's health. And we try to provide you with all the services necessary for this, to share useful information.


Project Objectives

  • to provide users with reliable and up-to-date information about health and healthy lifestyles;
  • to make medical information understandable and accessible to all;
  • to improve and create convenient and understandable online services;
  • to create opportunities to receive a set of services for medical care and health improvement for the Project Participants;
  • to create favorable conditions for the Project Participants in the networks of partner organizations;
  • to form and expand the number of partner organizations of the Project;
  • to increase the number of Project Participants.


What the Participants in the Project "HEALTH IS THE WAY OF LIFE" are receiving

Discounts in the networks of the Project Partners:

  • when purchasing medicines and medical products;
  • when receiving medical and diagnostic services;
  • when registering a health insurance policy;
  • when purchasing a tourist or health resort;
  • preferential loan for surgery, treatment or recovery;
  • Participation in bonus programs of TM "DoctorOK - Family Doctor";
  • SMS and e-news about the news and promotions of the Project Partners.


We will be grateful for any advice, recommendations and comments on how to make our Portal even more convenient and useful for you - our users. Write to us through the feedback form or by e-mail: info@doctorok.com.ua.